Torah Tuesday

Every Tuesday during the semester Chabad hosts a premier learning program.  Dinner is served at 6:30pm followed by chevrusa style learning from 7-8pm

ARI Fellowship

Eight week course offered on Mondays on campus and taught by Tzipah Wertheimer.  Fall Semester is an overview of the Tanya and Spring semester is Megillot Esther & Rut.  Students who complete the course are eligible to receive a stipend.  Apply here

One on One Study

Chabad staff learn with many students on an individual basis throughout the week.   Students are encouraged to take advantage of personalized attention, and tailor made schedules.  Topic are not limited to, but include;

  • Marriage Preparation (6 week course)
  • Parsha of the week
  • Bible Studies
  • Tefillin wrap-up
  • Philosophy
  • Prayer

ARI Seminar

ARI delivers college students high-level living through high-level learning, addressing the big questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Bringing together great, young minds from various campuses, ARI infuses Jewish scholarship with spirituality and purpose.

ARI stands for Analyze, Reflect, Inspire, and is an in-depth, four-day program in New York City during winter break, geared for students with a strong interest in textual learning. ARI is under the auspices of Rabbi Shaul & Tzipah Wertheimer, Chabad on Campus of Queens, and is sponsored in part by Chabad On Campus International.

ARI costs $99, which includes classes, breakfast & lunch.  Apply Here