Prospective Students

Welcome to Queens!

Queens College, as in all other aspects of its beautiful campus, has a vibrant and welcoming Jewish community. With so many Jewish resources available to you, we urge you to check them out and take advantage. Chabad offers a compelling, rich and meaningful Jewish experience to all who come in contact with it. We invite you to come spend a Shabbat with us and experience it yourself – we are glad to arrange a student to host you.

We also serve students from other colleges on a limited basis, including S. John’s University, Queensborough Community College, Lander’s College, Yeshiva University and Stern College.

Who We Are

– A home away from home where all are welcome no matter of background or affiliation.
– A place where every Jew is family.
– The Chabad Jewish Student Club is an officially recognized student organization at Queens College that provides religious, educational, social, and recreational programming for the community of Jewish students.
– A place where students socialize in a comfortable home-like setting with great friends, superb food and stimulating discussions.
– A forum where you can question your faith and not be afraid of judgment.
– A haven to which you can turn when you’re stressed or lonely and need a true friend. The doors are open 24/7 and the staff sport open minds and wide hearts.
– A center for prayer and study, where you can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your Jewish heritage.
– A partnership between students and staff to help create cutting edge programming, plan social action projects and offer volunteer opportunities.
– An academy providing texts and teachers for those who seek to learn.
– An organization that has gained national prominence as one of the fastest growing and most vibrant, innovative and all-inclusive organizations for Jewish college students in this country. Through all its growth and changes, Chabad’s warmth and intimacy remain the same. At Chabad you will always find a friend.

Good to Know

The QC Cafeteria has a Kosher dining hall which serves food under the supervision of the VHQ (Vaad Harabonim of Queens). If you’re at the Dairy Stop, tell Chef Jeff that the Chabad Rabbi sent you! There are also many kosher dining and shopping options along Main Street.

The Jewish population at QC is around 30%.

Chabad hosts Shabbat and Holiday meals every week during the semester. There is no charge for students. While not required, RSVP is appreciated.