Students are always welcome for some homemade challah, chicken soup, and a spirited meal.

Each week is a unique experience with occasional guest speakers, exciting themes & the best crowd in town!

Please visit to RSVP for Shabbat dinner.


Past Shabbat highlights include:


  • Professor Joseph Sungolowsky, French Lit.: The Hidden Child
  • Chocolate Shabbat
  • Professor Tim Rosen, BALA: What Would Avraham Do?
  • Pink Shabbat
  • Shabbat in Outer Space
  • Italian Shabbat
  • Dan Lipton, Musician
  • Ashkefardic Shabbat
  • Shabbat South of the Border
  • Green Shabbat with NYPIRG
  • Simcha Weinstein; The Comic Book Rabbi
  • Ladies Night
  • Dr. Joe Bertolino, former QC Vice President (now President of Lyndson State College)
  • QC President Dr. James Muyskens
  • Rabbi Moshe Shur, former Hillel Director