Here is a quick list of the many similarities between dandelions and Mitzvahs, if you can think of anymore please comment below:

  1. They are abundant, simply waiting to be appreciated;
  2. Kids are naturally drawn towards them;
  3. Beneficial to their surrounding — yet considered unattractive by the pretentious;
  4. Considered weeds by the “sophisticated”;
  5. Considered to be a plant from the old world;
  6. Have more uses than almost any other flower: edible, medicinal, good for the garden, beautiful;
  7. In touch with the world around them, open during the day, closed at night;
  8. Clearly connected to the source of life — they wilt just minutes after being picked;
  9. They can be found almost worldwide — a universal flower;
  10. It has been described as “a plant for which we once knew the use but we’ve forgotten it”;
  11. They have the ability to nourish surrounding plants & grains (by breaking up hard earth and bringing up nutrients from below).