In The Field

Shalom Aleichem!avigael-ben-baruch-and-yosef-grossman

Mazel tov to QC alumni Avigael Ben-Baruch and Yosef Grossman on their recent engagement!

* * *

On Thursdays I participate in a Talmud class with professors. The class takes place in the office of Prof. Zev Goldberg, the head of the math department. Yesterday it was my turn to lead the class. Our daughter Shoshi was home from school, so I brought her along for the ride (literally and figuratively).

After the class, Shoshi and I left Kiely Hall, unlocked our bikes and got ready to ride home. Photo credit (below) goes to physics Prof. Azriel Genack, who ran over to us, saying that he had to take a picture, we were just so cute! 🙂

The Talmud that we studied discussed what is included by default with the sale of a field. In other words, if Reuven says to Shimon, “I’ll sell you my field,” and Shimon purchases it, does this include the rocks in the field? Perhaps they are going to be used as a fence, and should be included. Or perhaps not. Other similar questions are raised.

img_20160908_161847As we were talking about fields, I couldn’t help but think of the classic Chassidic parable, “The King Is In The Field.” The parable likens the month of Elul — the last month of the year; today is the 6th of Elul — to a king who leaves his palace to greet the people in the field. While in the field, he greets everyone favorably. However, when he returns to his palace, only certain privileged individuals are granted an audience with the king.

So too, the parable goes, Elul is a time when the King of kings is very accessible. He is waiting for us, eagerly anticipating our approach. With the days winding down to Rosh Hashana, this is an opportunity not to be missed. As we utilize this special time of year to connect to the King by studying Torah and doing Mitzvot, we are certain to be blessed materially and spiritually!

Shabbat Shalom,