It’s easy being green :(

I would like to make serious mention of Leah Navi for all her hard work in spearheading a fantastic night of Persian deliciousness as we usher in the new month of Adar.   Without any written recipes and bunch of phone calls (in Pharisee) to her mother, Leah and I created a genuine Persian feast.  Leah demonstrated making babaganoush,  and everyone participated in shirazi salad.  Juicy kebabs, bright yellow crunchy rice,  and of course a few words about the month of Adar, made for a fabulous event.

It is a mitzvah to increase in joyousness in the month of Adar.   They say that the most popular class in Harvard is on  the topic of happiness – it’s not always easy to be upbeat.  In fact if there is a commandment to do something it usually implies that there might also be an impulse to do the opposite.

It’s all too easy to be blue or green or…pick your favorite earth tone.  There’s no great accomplishment in being overwhelmed by your schedule, getting frustrated by broken promises, or being grumpy simple because it’s been so cold for so long!   These feeling are super normal but also way too easy to fall into.

Comes the month of Adar and we’re commanded to lose the melancholy….so naturally Mr. Melancholy takes a stronger stride as he tries to catch up to us.  After all there’s nothing wrong with melons so maybe he’s not so bad either.

Queen Esther was forcibly taken to the palace of King Achashveirosh.  Though the phrase “beauty pageant,” might  not sound so bad – I’m sure it was a trying experience.  Thrust in the crown and married to the most powerful man in the ancient world, Esther was torn from her people and isolated.

When the news reached Queen Esther that Haman wanted to destroy the Jewish people – she did not get depressed or down.  She was not overwhelmed, angry or frustrated.  Esther sprang into action and became the savior of the Jewish people.  Perhaps one of the most powerful female politicians of all time.

I know there are many books and theories about happiness – but I would like to pose my own idea; happiness is a byproduct of helping other people.  True joy comes from positive actions that have real impacts on those around you.

Mr. Melancholy is a self absorbed nuisance.  Let’s take the energy of Adar and work on bringing true joy and happiness to others….along the way you’ll find that flowers smell pretty nice too.

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