Kitchen Renovation

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4/7 The floors!

Sanding & polishing.

IMG_20140407_132706[1] IMG_20140407_170523[1]

4/3 and the cabinets are being installed!

IMG_20140403_134747[1] IMG_20140403_134724[1]

3/27  Little Ms. Cabinet comes to preview her new home

IMG_20140327_144200[2] house construction

3/26 The floors look great & the lights are bright

floors and lights


3/25 Floors & lights

For those of you who have seen the previous floors…you’ll appreciate the face life.  Rabbi Shaul pretends to help install new recessed lighting.  What is a Chabad House, if not a place of light?

IMG_20140325_142553[1] IMG_20140325_142621[1]

3/21 Prep for new walls!


3/20 continue demolition.  Layout of new kitchen changes


3/19 Our bathroom has no walls!


3/18 Begin demolition – We always hated that pantry!

Click the picture for an 11 second video



3/17 Clearing the house & one last look at the old Kitchen

old_kitchen[1]old_kitchen_2[1] empty_house[1]


3/16  PURIM!! – Dancing on the table!

We used our kitchen one last time for a festive Purim feast!  Which of course included Shaul dancing on the table.  Click Picture for 10 second video.