Lighthouse Project

Chabad works full-time to create a place where every Jew feels like part of the family, and experiences the joy of Judaism in a fun, passionate, informative and non-judgmental environment. We are in the process of transforming our existing facility to better serve the needs of the students of Queens College.

Become part of the Chabad Lighthouse Project today!

Building Dedication $250,000
Sefer Torah x2 $50,000
Shabbat for the Year $36,000
Guest Room $25,000
Cafe Chabad for the Year $20,000
Library Book Grant $20,000
Rabbi’s Office $18,000
Shabbat Candle Lighting Niche $15,000
Thursday Tanya Class for the Year $10,000
Wednesday Talmud Class for the Year $10,000
Monthly Women’s Events for the Year $7,700
Lubavitcher Rebbe Portrait $5,400
Library Furnishings (excluding bookshelves) $5,000
Guest Room Furnishings $5,000
Artwork/Paintings (Main Floor) $3,600
Mezuzahs (11 out of 14 remaining) $500 (targeted to young alumni).
Aron Kodesh Reserved
Bimah Reserved
Chazan’s Lectern Reserved
Front Door Mezuzah Reserved
Student Lounge Furnishings Reserved
General Dedications
Diamond $18,000
Gold $10,000 (1 sold)
Silver $5,000 (1 sold)
*Major pledges can be divided over 2-3 years.
**It is important that Lighthouse Project contributions be above and beyond your much needed annual contribution toward the operating budget.


“Chabad is a much more intimate setting than anything else on campus; their presence is very approachable” -David Reghay ’13

“Chabad is genuine care for everyone who comes” -Sara Kazarnovsky ’11

“It’s always such an awesome time at the Chabad House!” -Michelle Silberstein ’08

“Chabad House is my headquarters!” -Raphael Fulcher ’11

“Chabad is always just around the corner!” -Robyn Lieber ’10

“Chabad is words of Wisdom” -Dee Epstein ’09

“Chabad has been a cornerstone of my Jewish life in Queens” -Evelyn Abdelhak ’09

“One of the things Chabad is about is making sure every Jew can celebrate Shabbat” -Shelly Sadon ’08

“Chabad provides opportunities for students to come together and gain deeper understanding of their own heritage, traditions and values. I am grateful that these opportunities are available at Queens College” -QC President Dr. James Muyskens