Remove One Word

Shalom aleichem!

Earlier this week, I heard the following from Rabbi Yisroel Deren of Stamford, CT:

“There is a phrase that some people say when they feel that life is not fair. And that is, ‘Why is G-d picking on me?’

“Yet, if you remove one word from that phrase, it changes everything.

“That word is ‘on.’ So instead of saying Why is G-d picking on me, it becomes, Why is G-d picking me?

It’s a small shift in perspective that changes everything. Instead of viewing life’s challenges as unfair and insurmountable, they become a form of flattery. Indeed, if G-d picks me for some particular challenge, it is an indication that I am up to the challenge, and that I can overcome the challenge with grace and aplomb.

G-d picks the strongest people for the toughest and most important tasks.

* * *
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