Themed text study & discussions geared for all levels of Jewish learning.

Learning Nights with Dinner

Tuesdays – Fall 2013

At the Chabad House


Dates & topics:

9/10 Smartphone Spirituality: We’re always connected, and that seems to make us disconnected. Have you heard the call of the Smartphone? Click here for the source sheet.

9/17 Chassidic Songs: Get to the bottom of some meaningful melodies with profound meaning.

9/24 The Sukkah’s Holy Guests: Tradition tells us that the Sukkah hosts some very special spiritual guests. Find out more!

10/1 Addiction: Is an addict a loser or a spiritual seeker? Click here for the source sheet.

10/8 Israel’s Holy Cities: An historic, pictorial and mystical tour of the four Holy Cities. Click here for the source sheet.

10/15 Israel’s Holy Sites: An historic, pictorial and mystical tour of some of the holy sites, including the Kotel, Meron, Amuka and more.

10/22 Let’s Get Cooking – Kosher Cuisine: Is there such a thing as “Jewish Food”? Click here for the source sheet.

10/29 The Great Gatsby: This classic novel was recently turned into a movie. Find out the lessons contained within.

11/5 Secrets of Jewish Intimacy I: Jewish tips and insights into relationship harmony.

11/12 Secrets of Jewish Intimacy II: Guys with the Rabbi and girls with Tzipah for a frank and open discussion on intimacy and Jewish observance.

11/19 Rabbi Elisha ben Avuya: Talmudic selections on the life, times and teachings of sage-turned-heretic Rabbi Elisha ben Avuya.

11/26 Love Your Neighbor As Yourself… Really?: What does it mean to love your neighbor as yourself? Is it even possible?

12/3 The Holy Fire of Chanukah: Study a passage from the Zohar on the mystical meaning of a candle.

12/10 Student-led TBA.