WhatsApp 19 Billion Miracles

There were three Chassidim traveling in Russia.  Each in the midst of a unique journey –and  they happened to choose the same inn to spend the night.  They made a few l’chaims and began to talk about their respective hometowns.

One Chossid spoke up about his Rebbe, a great miracle worker and began to detail the many childless couples he had helped to conceive with his blessings.  The second Chossid began to praise his Rebbe with even stronger affection and detailed the many families he’d helped financially with blessings of prosperity.  The third could hardly contain himself and declared, “my Rebbe is greater than both of yours!”

With a bit of intrigue and curiosity they turned to the third Chossid ready to hear a mind blowing story.  “I don’t know that  my Rebbe has ever helped people have children, nor given blessings of wealth, nor healed the sick or done anything spectacular.”

A bit disappointed they broke into the untranslatable, “nu?’

“And I’m still his Chossid – that’s the miracle!”

The daughter of Rabbi Dov Ber of Lubavtich (leader of the Chabad movement in the early 1800’s) said that, “in the time of my father, miracles were rolling under the table and no one even bothered to pick them up.”

It’s not every day that a Jewish immigrant from the Ukraine sells whatsapp to facebook for $19 BILLION – but miracles do happen every day.  Sometimes they even come in the billions.  It’s important to remember that siddur parties, healthy families, good friends and many other aspects of our lives are also miracles – not small ones, real ones.

Purim has been happening for 1000’s of years and the tradition continues on!  Join us this year on Saturday night 3/15 there will be great food, great fun, and most importantly Megillah reading. But most MOST importantly, we will have a ….drum roll please….COSTUME COMPETITION!!!
wear your best costume, and be judged by surprise special guest judges. Start planning your costumes guys, and may the best one win!!!  Click here to RSVP

Check out this video of Purim 2011 – see how many people you recognize!

Get ready for Purim as we usher in the new month of Adar with a night of Persian cooking and feasting!  Learn how to make your own grape leaves, salad and baba ganoush!!  Enjoy a delicious authentic feast as well.  Hosted by Leah Navi & Michelle Louie.  Mondaynight at 7pm in the Chabad House. Click here to RSVP.

Please join us for Shabbat this week!  RSVP byThursday night to tzipah at qChabad.org.

Candle lighting this week in Queens is 5:27pm.

Shabbat Shalom,