Broken Hearted Chocolate

broken chocolate heartBH

On the 14 of Feburary, Hallmark turns a good profit the world is inundated with pink and red and many couples break off their romantic relationships. The breakup reports are more anecdotal than scientific yet it follows that meaningful relationships cannot be mass produced and marketed by a for profit greeting card company.

The Torah details the most exciting, romantic and also genuine start to a relationship. It a relationship that hasn’t always been easy, sometimes it seems that one partner isn’t listening and the other might not always communicate properly. It is a bond that holds the key to the highest heights but can also feel lonely – yet despite it all this union has stood the test of time. I am referring to the “marriage” between G-d and the Jewish people and the giving of the Torah on Sinai is the ceremony.

It began with and other worldly excitement. The infinite came down and finite man ascended atop the mountain. It was the bonding of the lofty with the tangible. The Jewish people heard what is normally seen and saw what it normally heard as their senses were so aroused. The connection began with actual thunder and lightning – which has got to be much better than a relationship that starts with fireworks.

That was last week.

This week is Parhast Mishpatim which deals with all the civil laws like managing slaves, regulations of borrowing and lending as well prohibitions against theft and kidnapping amongst other things. What happened to the exciting one we fell in love with last week? What happened to the thunder and lightning? Did we really need to embrace the divinely infinite to hear the boring/basically obvious civil laws? Wouldn’t we have figured all those civil laws out on our own anyway?

Yes, there seems to have been a major adrenaline drop between this week and last. Perhaps this drop in excitement is the reason for the increased post-heart-shaped-chocolate breakups. But the relationship between the Jewish people and G-d is not about romantic drama and was never about romantic drama. The relationship is and always was a soul connection. Only an outside spectator could mistake that soul connection for the thunder and lighting.

While everyday does not always feel spiritual and every action does not always seem like a divine command – we are tasked with bringing holiness and g-dliness into our regular routines. The civil laws are commanded by the divine because indeed they are also divine. We must recognize the spirituality of the everyday and in this sense the romance never dies.3

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