Green Shabbat and sanctified Legos

I hate when people correct my grammar in the middle of a sentence.   It feels as if the arbitrary string of words are more important that the essential feeling and message that I’m trying to convey.   So it seems kind of strange that the Rabbis would comment on the divine grammar used in the Torah.

G-d commands; Make for me a sanctuary and I will dwell within them.  “It”, G-d’s third grade teacher in red high heels would remark in a slightly frustrated tone.  Then she’d continue,” … I will dwell within IT,” emphasizing the IT.

But G-d doesn’t make mistakes and for that matter, G-d was never subject to a third grade teacher – Thank G-d.  The awkward usage of the word THEM is clearly there to teach a lesson.

Make for me a [singular] sanctuary and I will dwell within [plural] them.   The Rabbis explain that each individual can make their own sanctuary and G-d with therefore dwell within many, many singular sanctuaries.

My son Sruli is six years old.  He told me at bedtime tonight that he was playing with his legos and having a really hard time putting the pieces in the right places.  He got so mad that he wanted to throw the entire boat he had built on the floor – but he didn’t.  He controlled his impulse.  He sanctified his play time.

We are constantly bombarded by choices and sometimes difficult situations.  We can choose to sanctify the everyday by making good decisions and in this way build our personal sanctuaries.  We have been promised that G-d will then dwell within them.


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Shabbat Shalom