None of the clocks worked and wrists wearing watches were few and far between.  We spent last Shabbat in the Catskill Mountains with 32 students from 4 different school, 12 Chabad Rabbi and Rebbetzins and 22 children.  

It was an amazing retreat – connecting with friends, breathing fresh air both literally and metaphorically, sitting around the bon fire, nature walks, deep discussions and so much more.  The little kids ran free, the formal Shabbat meals gave way to informal snacks and schmoozing and everyone had a great time.

It was a bit of an escape out of town – much appreciated and well needed.  For pictures and more check out the site:
11161366_10101492739849252_1585300834554863314_nWe returned to 3GLTE, wifi, and ticking clocks on Sunday – to hear about the tragic earthquake in Nepal.  It’s a funny world – from the warmth of the campfire to an avalanche in just a matter of hours. 

Chabad in Nepal is doing superhuman work to help those in need.  There are hundreds of people camped out at the Chabad House which happens to have an open area – while many are afraid to go indoors – the open outdoor space is being used to full capacity.  They are serving hot meals every hour, on the hour, compiling lists of located individuals, providing much needed support and much more.

If you would like to help the efforts of Chabad in Nepal with a financial contribution got to

11156270_10152372898437706_5013695624775358908_nI knew there must be some type of poetic irony to our “timeless” Shabbat without any working clocks.  Perhaps a few days without hours and minutes to chart forces a person to look at the bigger picture – no subdividing time into small pockets and regiments.  It gives space for opening up to new people in new environments.  Then the shock of an avalanche can also find context in a bigger picture.  Amid horrible tragedy are moments of heroism, out right miracles and to be fair sadness too. 

I can’t, and won’t, attempt to explain why such a horrific event needed to happen.  I can however connect to a bigger picture that transcends my understanding, my personal vantage point and 


certainly my clock on the wall.

Good Shabbos,
Candle Lighting this week in Queens is 7:33pm

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