Open Door Policy

Shalom Aleichem!

At the Chabad House, we like to say that we have a strict open-door policy: Come when you want, and leave when you want 🙂

As Passover is approaching, please permit me to share a story with you about the “open door” of the Seder. One of the most widespread customs is to open the door of our home towards the conclusion of the Seder. It is taught that Elijah the Prophet visits each home at this time.

In the village of Lubavitch, there were two wagon drivers, Shaul and Shlomo. They were also thieves. They used to say, “We don’t steal on the night of the Seder, G-d forbid. Rather, [when everyone opens their doors] we go take a look to find out what we can steal later…”

This cute story also contains a profound lesson.

All thievery is a form of deception, and to some extent, we may all be guilty of self-deception.

Passover is such a holy time that it enables us to cease our self-deception and be real with ourselves and others.

On Passover, there are no thieves.

Shabbat Shalom,

P.S. The kitchen is the heart and soul of Chabad House – it is the place where Shabbat begins and Shabbat ends. It is the place where relationships are formed, potatoes are peeled and hearts are opened.  You may have already heard about our kitchen renovation project. Check out our progress (pictures) at hereI still need to raise another $12,050 to finish this project. Please consider contributing generously to this one-time opportunity!