YU Chabad Club Shabbaton in Queens

2nd Annual!

28-29 Nissan 5775 — April 17-18, 2015

Tentative Schedule:


5:30pm Rolling orientation at Chabad (receive host info).

Mikvah before Shabbos (optional) *the mikvah costs $5, and is located at 71-11 Vleigh Place (near the Chase Bank on Main Street).

Candle lighting 7:19pm

7:27pm Mincha followed by Kabbalas Shabbos at Cong. Degel Israel.

8:30pm Seudas Shabbos – “Ask the Shluchim”


7:45am Mikveh // Tehillim // Light breakfast at Chabad

9am Shacharis at Degel Israel

Noon Seudas Shabbos & Farbrengen

3pm Sicha in depth

4:30pm Free time or optional chevrusa learning

5:30pm Mincha at Degel Israel (downstairs)

6pm Gemora shiur in Masechta Sotah at Degel Israel

6:45pm Seudas Shlishis // Pirkei Avos // Seder Niggunim at Chabad with Tel Aviv University Prof. Maoz Kahane. **לז”נ ר’ אלי’ בן יעקב מטילדאש

8:21pm Maariv followed by havdalah & Living Torah. Group picture: Chassidim never say goodbye!


Last year’s program:

4-5 Nissan 5774 — April 4-5, 2014

Thank you to our many generous hosts!


4-5pm: Welcome to Queens!  Snacks, welcome package, get address of host, at Chabad House (144-05 69th Ave.)

5pm:  Mikvah before Shabbos (optional) *the mikvah costs $5, and is located at 71-11 Vleigh Place (near the Chase Bank on Main Street).

6pm: Greet host families and get settled.

6:50pm: Mincha @ Chabad House

7:04pm: Candlelighting followed by inspiring words and Kabbalat Shabbat

8:15pm: Group walks to the home of Rabbi Dr. Yisroel & Mrs. Rachel Finkel home for Friday night dinner – Farbrengen style.  Topic: What is Chassidus?


7:45am: Mikvah (optional)

8:30am: Coffee, cake & Chassidus at Chabad House 144-05 69th Avenue.

9:30am Shacharis

12-2 Shabbat kiddush/lunch with QC students at Cong. Degel Israel

2-3pm  Dr. Jesse & Dr. Sarah Asher, noted therapists, discuss: How to Have a Good Fight

5:30pm Learning program.  Chevrusa style and discussion.

6:30pm Mincha at Chabad house followed by Shalosh Seudos and seder niggunim

8pm Maariv & Havdalla – group picture; Chassidim never say goodbye.