Plattsburgh to Queens College

Shalom Aleichem!

One of the great pleasures that Tzipah and I have with our work with QC students, is the enduring relationships that develop.

Andrew Goldstein transferred from SUNY Plattsburgh to Queens College a number of years ago, as he wanted to be in a more Jewish environment. He attended Shabbat dinner in our home one of his first weeks in Queens (or maybe it was even the first, I’m not sure). Yerachmiel Goldstein and Nesya Herce engagement

We became instant friends, and spent many quality hours together, studying Torah, eating tasty Shabbos foods, schmoozing and more. I remember one day — I think it may have been during Passover — that we learned a page of Talmud together. After we finished, Andrew said, “That was the first page of Talmud I ever learned!” During his years at QC, he also met my parents and in-laws, and became something of a “bonus” family member.

After graduation, Andrew continued his Jewish journey by enrolling at Mayanot, a yeshiva which I also studied at in Jerusalem. He started using his Hebrew name, Yerachmiel, and upon his return Stateside, moved to the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Last night, Yerachmiel got engaged to Nessia Herse, a fantastic young woman from Toronto, who also spent time at the Chabad House at University of Toronto. Click here to wish them a virtual mazel tov!

* * *

The great thing about the simcha of an engagement, is that it is a simcha for generations to come. In truth, the simcha of an individual is the simcha of the entire Jewish people.

Shabbat Shalom & mazel tov!

P.S. The kitchen is the heart and soul of Chabad House – it is the place where Shabbat begins and Shabbat ends. It is the place where relationships are formed, potatoes are peeled and hearts are opened.  You may have already heard about our kitchen renovation project. Check out our progress (pictures) at still need to raise another $13,700 to finish this project. Please consider contributing generously to this one-time opportunity!