Spiritual Workout Routine

Spiritual Workout Routine

Flex your spiritual muscles, stay hydrated & work at your own pace.

Here is an adaptable routine, enjoy!

You can always tell who the newbies are at the gym.  First of all, their workout outfit coordiantes just a bit too much – clearly way too much time was spent picking out gear.  Secondly, they hop on the machines crancking up the weight resistance to the max.  They leave the gym, over-strained & under-enthused.
When choosing a workout routine, you need to assess your strengths and weaknesses.  Create a balanced plan by meeting with a professional trainer, and choose a resistance weight that is managable yet just beyond the comfort zone.


Set Routine


Prayer 1-3 times a day Modeh Ani

Morning blessings


Shmonei Esrey


*Think about  your practical needs, develope your sense of gratitude, and meditate on the fact that there is some much greater and beyond the self.

Just a bit more than you can handle – without going overboard
Torah Study 1 set time a day Choose:

–          Audio class online

–          Interesting essays

–          English Books

–          Torah texts

Start with 10 minutes and gradually increase
Tzedaka 1 time a day Put a coin in the Pushka before breakfast Even a few cents
Mezuzah 2 times a day Kiss the mezuzah in the morning and before bed. Give meaning to the mezuzah – make sure that behavior in the house is befitting that which should happen in a room with a mezuzah on the door.
Family As needed Be available for loved ones, set regular times to speak on the phone.  Pay attention to those who need you most. Just beyond the amount you can handle.
Teaching All day If you know aleph, teach aleph, says the BShT.  Live your life to illuminate the world – acknowledge that someone is watching and learning from you at all times. What you have, teach!
Compassion First thing in the morning Even before your coffee, slow down and treat those around you with patience.  It will set the tone for the entire day. Just beyond your patience
Caring Before bedtime Shema Review your day, think about who might need more of your care and concern. 5 minutes before bed
Forgiveness Before bedtime Shema Let go of the resentment, frustration and angst that accumulate, throughout day.  Open your pores, and let it go. 3 minutes daily.  If you go to sleep having forgiven – you will wake up refreshed.
Communication All day Express your feelings – but make sure to show sensitivity to your audience, we all speak different languages. Quality is better than quantity.
Personal care Daily Make time for yourself.  Read, take a hot shower, eat proper meals, go to the doctor when needed.  Think about what you genuinely need and be proactive. 10 minutes a day
Healthy eating Daily A Kosher, balanced diet helps maintain a balanced lifestyle.  Take care of yourself.  Indulge a bit, but also enjoy fresh fruits, healthy grain, savory vegetables and other healthy treats. 10 minutes a week, plan your weekly menu.  If you plan ahead you will give yourself much better options for meals.  Good meals mean less impulsive snacking.
Creative outlets Weekly Paint, write, dance, sing, tell stories, make jokes, cut & paste.  Get your creative juices flowing, lighten up and have fun! At least once a week do something creative – even if you have no talents!